Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the spirit of pistoulet

as you are all already aware, we're great believers in the creating of strong, creative and supportive communities in the virtual sphere. we know how important a sense of belonging is!so we were super-duper excited to be shown mary tiegreen's "spirit of pistoulet" fanpage on facebook the other day. the spirit of pistoulet is one of our very special favourites because it is all about (among other things) the importance of community – community in the sense of having people around you with whom you can share your thoughts, dreams, troubles and, most importantly, your love of food. it's all about how we can find inspiration and/or help in our surroundings and the amazing good that little things done out of great love can achieve (i admit, that genius little statement is thanks to thanks mamma teresa!). in fact, this book all on its little lonesome is a great source of inspiration for us here at jt (as most of you probably already know. we're a little bit obsessed with this book). all you need to do is read it to find out why – it's all about the experience of things, and about the time and care that is put into check it out ... join if you're a fan ... help us spread the love! xx

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