Friday, January 22, 2010

ladies of the hat

two days ago two very elegant women, dressed entirely in black and adorned with magnificent hats (complete with gorgeous handmade hat pins) came to celebrate the birthday one of them shares with edgar allan poe at the little brown house. they arrived in a limosine (what class!), came bearing scrolls, pictures of mr. poe, long-stemmed red roses and pierre the black poodle (he's really a stuffed toy but don't tell him that 'cos you'll hurt his feelings) tucked underarm. the birthday feast was very much in keeping with the mood of the day: french hot chocolate and chocolate almond cake.
what we learnt from these two wonderful "ladies of the hat"? that any day, but especially a birthday (even if it is someone else's) merits - no wait - demands a grand celebration. so follow the example of helen and sue - don your black lace dresses and wide brimmed hats and clinking bangles and toast to whatever-you-want with a hot chocolate and/or a glass of wine!
thank you helen and sue for your wonderful visit. you made our day xx

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  1. Hot chocolate and incredibly delicious French chocolate almond cake (freshly made for the day and just being iced as we arrived!)and your hospitality plus, made this day the best birthday ever! Worth waiting 65 years for! Cathie, Kimberley and Kim - thanks so much for the most magical day. Sue and I are still talking about it, to anyone and everyone! You, my friends indeed Made My Day. Thank you so much - and for the great photos! With love, Helen